Foo Fighters – Everywhere But Home (2003) NTSC DVD5 480i MPEG-2 DD2.0

Title: Foo Fighters – Everywhere But Home
Release Date: 2003
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Hard Rock

Production/Label: Roswell/RCA
Duration: 4:15:06
Quality: DVD5 (compressed)
Format: DVD video
Video Codec: MPEG2
Video: MPEG2, NTSC, 720×480 (16: 9), 720×480 (4: 3) VBR ~ 3 233 kbps avg, 29.97 fps
Audio: AC3, 2/0 (L, R) ch, 224 kbps, 16 bits / 48.0 kHz, Delay 0 mSec
Size: 4.36 GB

The Foo Fighters came of age with ‘One By One’ and the subsequent World Tour that followed its release. Perhaps surprisingly, considering that it was their fourth album, and that the charts and the world of MTV had long been graced with an ever more bizarre and entertaining selection of videos of all the many global hits that accompanied each album, this DVD release, the bands’ first ever, is not a simple quick cash-in compilation of all those various promo outings – so sorry folks, no Dave Grohl in a dress here. Instead what you get is the perfect companion to the memory of some truly great nights on a tour that spanned the world and installed the band, forever, in the hearts and minds of all self respecting rock fans.

Mixed in glorious ‘dts 5.1’ sound, we get the entire fifteen song set from a show in Toronto that pretty much summed up just how ‘on-fire’ the band were once the tour got rolling. All the favourites and big hits are there, from the instantly recognisable riff to ‘All My Life’ through ‘Breakout’, ‘Generator’, ‘Monkeywrench’ and all the rest to set closer ‘Everlong’.

Throughout, the filming is slick but never over fussy with edits, something that spoils many a live release. Instead the atmosphere of the band and crowd in harmony together is captured without the impression that people are either getting out of the way of the various camera movements or gratuitously playing to them – it’s all damn fine stuff. You want more? Well, there is plenty – a four song ‘unplugged’ session from Washington follows, then there are a couple from the Slane Castle shows last summer (the same one the Red Hot Chili’s recently released on DVD) and to finish off there is the full seventeen song audio only set from the band’s first ever visit to Iceland. Add to that, huge photo galleries from both the tour and working in the studio, and altogether you have one jam packed single disc set that is selling for the price of a standard CD.

A must buy for all fans and a great introduction to the band for those who are not. 8.5/10

Brian Guthrie



Toronto (1:32:43)
1. All My Life
2. My Hero
3. Breakout
4. Have It All
5. Generator
6. Learn to Fly
7. For All the Cows
8. Stacked Actors
9. Low
10. Hey, Johnny Park!
11. Monkey Wrench
12. Times Like These (acoustic version)
13. Aurora
14. Tired of You
15. Everlong

Slane Castle, Ireland, 23.08.2003 (9:59)
1. All My Life
2. Everlong

Black Cat, Washington, D.C., 01.05.2003 (12:31)
1. Doll
2. See You
3. For All the Cows
4. Everlong

Laugardalsholl, Reykjavik, Iceland, 26.08.2003 (1:33:36)
No video, photo gallery
1. All My Life
2. The One
3. Times Like These
4. My Hero
5. Learn to Fly
6. Have It All
7. For All the Cows
8. Breakout
9. Generator
10. Stacked Actors
11. Low
12. Hey, Johnny Park!
13. Monkey Wrench
14. Aurora
15. Weenie Beenie
16. Tired of You
17. Everlong

Dublin (35:42)
Hidden concert
1. All My Life
2. Breakout
3. The One
4. My Hero
5. Aurora
6. Low
7. Everlong

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